We're a nonprofit working to balance the needs of wildlife and local livelihoods—in our backyard and around the globe.

With partners and communities, we develop and deploy innovative strategies that reduce conflict between people and predators. 


Building a project.

We focus on high-priority species and known conflict areas. Before developing solutions, we first establish a network of partners and build scientific research into the status and ecology of large carnivores across ecosystems and create assessments of possible tools and solutions. In addition, we factor in human cultural nuances, community beliefs and socioeconomic values and attitudes towards carnivores in affected areas.

With these tools and programs we are able to:
1. Develop economic, social and ecological approaches for human-wildlife coexistence
2. Coordinate efforts between various stakeholder groups including government agencies, community groups, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, tour operators and researchers for effective implementation.

Do you have a project you'd like us to consider?

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