The Automated Lion Alert System is Up and Running!


After several field tests, we have finally rolled out our fully Automated Lion Alert System! What makes this system unique is that our colleagues at the University of Siegen created a cloud-based algorithm that can generate a series of virtual fences that send personalized messages to individuals when lions approach within 5 km of their homestead. We have already added over 100 villagers and mapping coodinates for over 30 homesteads and villages. Since our collaring effort in December, we now have 9 collared lions that trigger the alerts across the landscape. The best part is that we can adapt this system as we learn the best options from villager feedback.


We will provide updates as the program develops, but with conflict on the rise, this system could not have come at a better time!

Lions At the Gate! Nat Geo Shares News of Our Lion Alert System


As lion populations plummet across Africa, innovative solutions must be employed to address the underlying conflict. If villagers knew when lions were about, they could take preventative measures to reduce the conflict and reduce the need for retaliatory killing.

Over the past 2 years, we have been developing an innovative alert system that notifies villagers via cell phone when lions approach the village. These alerts have reduced conflict by 50% when recipients heed the messages and use preventative measures. Read the Nat Geo article here with a link to the original manuscript!

Congrats to our Pride in Our Prides team!