Lions At the Gate! Nat Geo Shares News of Our Lion Alert System


As lion populations plummet across Africa, innovative solutions must be employed to address the underlying conflict. If villagers knew when lions were about, they could take preventative measures to reduce the conflict and reduce the need for retaliatory killing.

Over the past 2 years, we have been developing an innovative alert system that notifies villagers via cell phone when lions approach the village. These alerts have reduced conflict by 50% when recipients heed the messages and use preventative measures. Read the Nat Geo article here with a link to the original manuscript!

Congrats to our Pride in Our Prides team!

"Into the Lions Den" our newest blog post is up on National Geographic's Cat Watch!

Conservationists often put in long hours tracking animals, meeting with communities and writing reports.  It is rare to have a day where you can honestly say you have worked closely with members of the community to address their concerns and make a direct impact on the species you are working hard to protect.  Eric LeFlore is a PhD student working for Pride in Our Prides in Northern Botswana and in this blog post he recounts a day last month where tensions were running high and the hunting party was getting set to retaliate for a recent string of lion conflict events.

Mayenga ("Decorated by the Gods") sporting her satellite tracking collar as she walks among her cubs

Mayenga ("Decorated by the Gods") sporting her satellite tracking collar as she walks among her cubs

Researchers and conservationists must take the needs of the community into account if wildlife is to persist outside of fenced reserves. The Pride in Our Prides Program is already making progress in engaging communities for the benefit of people and lions.

Click HERE to read the full blogpost! Thank you for your interest and support!

Early Lessons from our Lion Monitoring Program blog post on National Geographic's Cat Watch!

Eretsha and his coalition mate

Eretsha and his coalition mate

Incoming text message "Lions are in the village"! Our early warning system has helped us inform villagers about the individual lions who roam into their villages at night. By sharing this information we gain the trust of villagers and help them protect their livestock from conflict. Read more about the progress of Pride in Our Prides in our blogpost on National Geographic's website Cat Watch!