In the holiday spirit, 3 lions will receive new jewelry (GPS-Satellite Collars) in 2018.


Our Lion Program, Pride in Our Prides, is focused on individualizing the cats so that villagers can learn about their habits and areas of likely conflict. Our study is supported by the use of GPS-Satellite tracking collars that deliver a text alert when an individual approaches the village.


In early January, we will be adding 3 more collars to our study- tracking several animals that we believe are responsible for some of the livestock conflict we have monitored over the last several months. 

These 3 new collars will increase our coverage to 6 lion social groups (prides and coalitions) out of the 13 that we have identified. With support from our donors, we hope to increase our coverage to all social groups by the end of the year!

Dr. Florian "Flo" Weise, Mathata "Pro" Tomeletso and Dr. Andrew Stein

Dr. Florian "Flo" Weise, Mathata "Pro" Tomeletso and Dr. Andrew Stein

Lastly, from our team, we would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Prosperous 2018! We have so much to look forward to with our work here in Botswana, so thank you all for your interest and continued support!