Lions At the Gate! Nat Geo Shares News of Our Lion Alert System


As lion populations plummet across Africa, innovative solutions must be employed to address the underlying conflict. If villagers knew when lions were about, they could take preventative measures to reduce the conflict and reduce the need for retaliatory killing.

Over the past 2 years, we have been developing an innovative alert system that notifies villagers via cell phone when lions approach the village. These alerts have reduced conflict by 50% when recipients heed the messages and use preventative measures. Read the Nat Geo article here with a link to the original manuscript!

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Lion Poisoning is a Grave Threat to All Species!

Skull of the lioness from the poisoning Event.

Skull of the lioness from the poisoning Event.

Earlier this year, our colleagues from Panthera contacted our team about a lost lioness. She had wondered across the border from Namibia into Botswana where her satellite collar went dead. Wing fingers crossed and a last known position our team went out to see if there were any signs. When we got to the location we saw the horrible destruction!

Scores of dead vultures after the poisoning

Scores of dead vultures after the poisoning

poisoned vulture

poisoned vulture

The ground was covered in dead vultures and the lion carcasses were in a shallow grave. We recorded our observations- 2 dead lions, several endangered vultures and no sign of the collar. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks did a thorough investigation and confirmed what we had suspected- that it was poison. This event underscores the horrific impacts of poison on an ecosystem beyond the target animals. These lions were moving through communal lands between two protected areas and they were not safe. Though we’ve had good results with our partner communities, poison is happening all over Africa and the impacts are grave. This is why we are here. Help us and our partners end poison use once and for all!